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What is a prosthodontist?
A General Dentist first,  then add...
  • 3 Year "Full Time" Residency 
  • National Board Exams 
  • Provincial License as Specialist
Certified Specialist in Prosthetic Dentistry  = Prosthodontist
What we do 


  • Esthetic ​Crowns, Bridges, Veneers, Onlays, Inlays, Fillings, Bonding

  • Implant surgery

  • Bone grafting

  • ​Complete denture and partial dentures

  • Implant crowns, bridges and dentures

  • Bite treatment

  • Dental Reconstructions / Rehabilitation

About Prosthodontists


Prosthodontists are dentists who, after becoming a general dentist, completed training programs that are recognized by the national and provincial licensing bodies in  restorative dentistry.  They provide dental treatments from appearance driven treatment to functional problems for patients who have all , some or no remaining teeth.

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