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Dr. Derek Hopkins
Certified Specialist in Prosthetic Dentistry
Registered Laboratory Technician


Derek has lectured locally and  internationally on various topics in implant, esthetic and restorative dentistry, and mentors local study clubs focused on providing patient diagnosis and treatment. Derek has been an executive member of the Victoria and District Dental Society and has been president of the British Columbia Society of Prosthodontists.  Derek is married and the father of 3 children. He is dedicated to personal fitness and is active in the triathlon and cycling communities.

Accredited Education

  • 4 Years  - University of Saskatchewan

    • Bachelor of Science (Biochemistry year) - B.Sc

  • 4 Years- Dentistry -University of Saskatchewan

    • Doctor of Dental Medicine (1992) -D.M.D.

  • 3 Years  - Specialty Training - Prosthetic Dentistry - University of Texas Health Sciences Center San Antonio

    • Master of Science - Free Radical Damage to Collagen (1998) M.Sc.

    • Certificate in Prosthodontics (1998) - Cert.

British Columbia License

  • Certified Specialist in Prosthetic Dentistry

  • Registered Dental Technician

Dr. Mark Hopkins
Certified Specialist in Prosthetic Dentistry

Mark served with the Canadian Forces Dental Service from 2000-2008,  has also served as a director of the Victoria and District Dental Society and is a past president of the British Columbia Society of Prosthodontists. Mark has lectured on implant dentistry and comprehensive management of challenging dental conditions nationally and internationally. Mark has provided humanitarian dental treatment in Haiti, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and El Salvador. Mark is married and father of two. Active in sport and is a supporter of child and adult sport and sports teams on south Vancouver Island.

Accredited Education

  • 5 Years University of Saskatchewan-

    • Bachelor of Science (Microbiology 1999) - B.Sc.

    • Advanced Certificate in Science (Anatomy and Cell Biology) -Cert.

  • 4 Years- Dentistry -University of Saskatchewan 

    • Doctor of Dental Medicine (2004)​ - D.M.D.

  • 3 Years- Specialty Training-  Prosthetic Dentsitry- University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center Memphis.

    • Master of Dental Science - Dental Instrumentation (2011) M.D.S

    • Certificate in Prosthodontics (2011) - Cert.


British Columbia License

  • Certified Specialist in Prosthetic Dentistry

Signature Dental Laboratory our "in house" lab
  • Experience, skill, and dedication to excellence.

  • A blend of the classical laboratory techniques and more than 50 years of experience with progressive digital scanning and milling technologies allow for results not possible with pure digital or pure analog laboratory processes.

  • Technician interaction in office with patients at all stages of treatment is essential for optimal outcomes.


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