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Dental Insurances

Our office will help you with forms, but does not accept assignment of benefits. This means that payment is made to our office in full, and your insurance carrier will re-imburse you according to your level of coverage.


We can assist you with the completion of paperwork for your insurance provider but we do not know your level of reimbursement without pre-determination. 


Insurance companies generally reimburse  based on a general dentist fee guide and specialty fees are commonly, but not always, higher. 


Our office can assist you to realize your dental plan benefits though we have no control over their level of coverage.


Patients are ultimately responsible for full payment of their dental fees at each appointment and will receive their insurance reimbursements directly from their insurance carrier upon completion of that dental treatments.


ICBC and Worksafe Claims

If you have been in an accident and ICBC or Worksafe is involved in coverage for treatment you will typically require pre-authorization for all examination fees and treatment fees,  including the initial exam.

Please call the office prior to your appointment to discuss the details.

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